23&me or Ancestry-DNA Extensive Genotype Report

Living with MTHFR wants to ensure you have a thorough look into your genes to ensure you have enough information to make the right choices for YOU!

We do not just include information on a few important SNPs, but THOUSANDS of them, so you can see the whole picture. And we charge the same or less than our competitors who offer much less!

With our genotype report, You won't have to read to endless studies and try to interpret them, we have already done that for you! We personally have researched and narrowed down the studies of over 19,000 SNPs that are included on our genotype report.

Summary Report

Our service also includes a break down report on: Vitamin Metabolism, Methylation, Detoxification and Autoimmune Susceptibilities. This report will help to tell you which forms of certain vitamins should work best for you based on your genetic results. It can also tell you if you have reduced detoxification in your environment and lifestyle.

We also provide natural suggestions based on the results, if applicable.

We do not use a computer system to auto-generate results from a web based program that is available to the public. We have built our genotype report exclusively for our customers only!

If you have been searching for answers to your health and lifestyle concerns and still need answers, then you have come to the right place!

We ensure your privacy and will not share or sell your data!

Turn around time once we receive your raw data is 1-2 weeks, but we try to aim for much less.

23&me or Ancestry-DNA Genotype Report

You can order an extensive genotype report on 19,000+ SNPs!

Covering: A vast amount of categories listed in the photo below.

Price $169.00.

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  • This does not include genetic testing! You MUST have 23&me or Ancestry-DNA raw data that can be emailed prior to or when purchasing. Please email your raw data file to livingwithMTHFR@gmail.com

  • This only includes the genotype and summary report which is organized by category. It does not include any additional interpretations or reports. You will receive a spreadsheet style report that is very organized and tells you your results.

  • We will email your report to the email address you provide when purchasing.

  • Item# LWM10EXT

Extensive Genotype Report Health Review

You can now order an additional report when purchasing our 19,000 SNP extensive report!

With this service you will be sent a health intake form to complete! We will then custom build a report based on your health concerns, to narrow down the findings for you!

This service is an additional $269.00!

What you can expect to see on your report:

  • Allergies- Susceptibilities, triggers

  • Aging- Susceptibilities, traits on aging

  • Amino Acids- Changes, Deficiencies, Breakdown abilities

  • Antibody- Response, Susceptibilities

  • Antioxidant-Abilities, Production, Recycling, Glutathione

  • Athletic Potential- VO2 Max, Muscle types, Response to fitness, Aerobic capacity, Endurance, Strength.

  • Autoimmune -Reactions, Risks, Susceptibilities

  • Birth defects- Risks, Carrier status

  • Blood- Types, Changes, Risks, Coagulation

  • Blood Pressure- Preeclampsia, Sensitivities, Risks, Heritable Traits

  • Brain- CSF, Changes, Structure, Risks, Traits

  • Cancer- Risks, Susceptibilities, Traits, Toxin exposure changes, Benefits

  • Cardiovascular -Health, Risks, Traits, Susceptibilities

  • Cells -cellular damage by free radicals, cell traits/variations.

  • Cholesterol- Build up potential, Traits, Risks

  • Chromosomes- Abnormalities, Structure and Function

  • Defects -Skeletal, Developmental, Risks, Carrier status

  • Degeneration- Degenerative disc disease, Risks

  • Dementia- Risks

  • Dental- Susceptibilities, Deficiencies

  • Development -Growth, Height

  • Developmental disorder- Risks, Carrier status

  • Digestive- Food sensitivities, Digestive problems, Risks

  • Disorders- Developments, Mental, Growing, Aging, Risks, Carrier status

  • Elements -Metals, Iron, Phosphorus, Mineral levels or deficiencies

  • Environmental- Exposure, Reduced clearance or build up,

  • Enzymes- Breakdown, Deficiencies, Risks

  • ENT -Ear, nose, throat, Development, Risks, Carrier status, Smelling ability

  • Eyes -Myopia, Vision changes/Loss, Glaucoma, Carrier status

  • Female- Traits, Risks

  • Genetic- Changes, Carrier status, Expression; DNA repair

  • General- Energy/Energy Production

  • Hearing- Loss, Risks, Carrier status

  • Hormones -Cortisol, Changes, Susceptibilities

  • Immune system- Ability, Reaction, Risks, Immunities

  • Infant Disorders- Carrier status, Risks

  • Infections- Susceptibilities/Risks.

  • Inflammation- Response to stimuli, Sensitivities, Triggers

  • Insulin- Diabetes, Blood Sugar & Cardiovascular Markers

  • Kidney-Disorders, Risks, Defects, Function

  • Lactose- Tolerance/Sensitivities

  • Learning- Abilities, Benefits, Deficiencies, Traits

  • Lifestyle -Smoking, Alcohol, Caffeine, Gambling

  • Lipids-Structure and Function, Traits, Risks/Susceptibilities

  • Liver- Disorders, Risks, Defects, Function

  • Male- Traits, Risks

  • Mental Capacity -IQ, mental abilities, Traits

  • Mental Health - Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Risks/Susceptibilities

  • Metabolism- Fat & Carbohydrate Metabolism, Vitamins

  • Methylation- Pathways, Abilities, Deficiencies, Risks/Susceptibilities

  • Minerals- Levels, Absorption, Deficiencies, Reduced clearance, Build up

  • Mitochondria- Changes, Structure/Function, Risks/Susceptibilities

  • Mood Disorder- Depression, Risks/Susceptibilities

  • Musculoskeletal- Changes, Structure/Function, Risks/Susceptibilities

  • Nervous system- Nerves, Changes, Structure/Function, Risks/Susceptibilities

  • Neurological -Strokes, ALS, epilepsy, restless legs syndrome, Parkinson's, Risks/Susceptibilities

  • Neurotransmitter -GABA, Brain chemistry balance, Changes

  • Osteo- Bone Health, Softening, Traits, Breakdown, Carrier Status

  • Pharmacogenomics- Reactions to medicines, Metabolism, Deficiencies, Reduced breakdown, Build up, Risks

  • Proteins- Structure/Function, Traits, Changes

  • Psychological- Traits, Risks, Carrier status, Response to Stress

  • Reproduction- Menarche, Ability to reproduce, Carrier status, Risks

  • Respiratory -Lungs, COPD, Asthma, tuberculosis.

  • RNA -Structure/Function, Changes, Risks

  • Sensitivity- Heat, Pain

  • Skin- Traits, Risks/Susceptibilities, Disorders, Sensitivities, Quality

  • Sleep- Circadian Rhythm, Sleeping patterns, Tendencies, Quality, Traits

  • Thyroid- Risks/Susceptibilities, Function

  • Traits - Body Odor, Personality, Behavior, Hair, Features

  • Toxins- Detoxification ability, sensitivities, hormones, chemicals, heavy metals, environmental

  • Urate- Levels, Ability to breakdown/Remove, Function, Risks

  • Vaccine- Response, Risks

  • Vascular- Deficiencies, Risks/Susceptibilities

  • Vitamins- Deficiencies, Metabolism problems (absorption), Build up.

  • Virus- Immunity, Risks/Susceptibilities

  • Weight- Risks, Abilities, Traits, Eating behavior, Fat loss in response to exercise, Obesity & Weight Loss Markers

Below is a sample of our genotype report layout. Each report can vary depending on when you had your testing completed, as they change SNPs included.

Keep in mind that these reports do provide a vast amount of information which can be confusing at first. We try to break everything down for those who have little to no experience with health and genetic information. Please take time to read the report in entirety before starting any changes. Keep in mind that you need to take a holistic approach to determine which supplements are right for you from the report findings.

This service does not come with a consultation as the information provided does give the information needed to address the certain SNPs on the report. We provide this low cost option to give you the information you need to make the right choices for you. If you feel you still have questions then we can gladly set up a consultation.

By ordering an Interpretation report you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

Reviews of Living with MTHFR Interpretations

You can get a review of your Living with MTHFR Interpretations. With this service, we will ask that you fill out a health intake form. We will then review your concerns and narrow down your Living with MTHFR Interpretation results based on those concerns.

This service can add an additional 7-10 days for turn around time, as we review ~19,000 SNPs.

The price for this service is $260.00 and you will be emailed a list with the information broken down.

This does not include a phone or web consult, but you are allowed to send 2 email question lists. This allows you to summarize any questions or experiences you have along the way and get my opinion on them.

LWM Sample report.pdf