Glutamine (Glu or E)

Amino acid-Functions-Glutamine

    • Oxidative substrate for immune cells and IECs
    • A precursor for glutamate/GSH
    • Intestinal growth, structure, and function (young animals and disease states)
    • Supports proliferative rates and reduces apoptosis of IECs
    • Protects against E.coli/LPS-induced damage to the intestinal structure and barrier function
    • Lowers inflammatory and increases immunoregulatory cytokine production
    • Improves the proliferative responses of IELs and MLN cells
    • Intestinal IgA levels
    • Increases lymphocyte numbers in PP, lamina propria, and IELs


    • Glutamic acid is one of the 20 proteinogenic amino acids. It is a non-essential amino acid.