There are many who believe that there is no scientific evidence that MTHFR has any negative effect. I chose to write this paper, not only because I have personal interest, but to combine information that has been studied on the topic. It is hard to take it in when someone tells you that it cannot cause the issues you have faced, especially when you treated yourself with protocols based off findings related to MTHFR. Personally, I have tried many different supplements and have had to make adjustments as needed, only after four years of research on MTHFR, I understand the mutation and the basic requirements for treatment. I regularly visit groups with members that have MTHFR polymorphisms and hear so many of the same stories and symptoms. I give my input on what worked for me and look at other genetic results to compare their mutations and their reactions to certain treatments. After being bedridden for over three years, I have been a full-time college student and working 45 hours or more a week, it's great to have my life back and I have dedicated my life to this genetic mutation, I am excited about all the future discoveries and preventative measures that could arise from them.